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The Virginia Geographic Alliance (VGA) was formed by the National Geographic Society and the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1986 and has conducted hundreds of professional development activities for teachers and pre-service teachers. These activities range from three-week field based summer institutes (an average of one summer institute per year) to one-hour workshops on basic themes and skills in geography.

The VGA has produced numerous curriculum projects including Virginia in the World wall, desk maps, and lesson plans, and two editions of An Atlas of Virginia with accompanying lesson plans and resource CD. The atlas may also be accessed online via the VGA website.

VGA’s mission is to improve the quality and quantity of geography teaching and learning at all levels of the Virginia education system. Geography education is an essential component of a sound liberal education for personal development, effective citizenship and the application of general critical thinking skills and specific geospatial thinking skills in many current and emerging careers. 

Our Vision: The Virginia Geographic Alliance fosters and supports the enduring power of the geographic perspective in social, environmental and geospatial sciences as they develop in schools, universities, businesses, governments and communications media to advance geo-literacy. Acquiring geographic knowledge, skills and technologies enables people to become productive citizens and lifelong learners who

►recognize the importance of place and local-to-global connections,

►understand changing human-environment interactions, and

►apply environmental and spatial perspectives in decision-making and problem-solving.

Virginia Geographic Education Endowment contributors

  • Allbritton Communications Co. Arlington VA
  • Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Historic Resources Richmond VA
  • Strategic Investment Group Arlington VA
  • The Conservation Fund Arlington VA
  • William L. Allen Alexandria VA
  • Floyd D. Gottwald Richmond VA
  • Gerald T. Halpin McLean VA
  • Virginia C. Mars McLean VA
  • Magalen O. Bryant Middleburg VA
  • Bruce C. Gottwald Richmond, VA


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