Network of Alliances for Geographic Education
Teaching Geography Using Primary Sources
Meeting location: Geography Department at Portland State University
Meeting location: Geography Department at Portland State University
Graduate student Steven took his bike on the light rail, and provided excellent assistance throughout the workshop.
After a day of instruction, dinner at the home of our hostess, Teresa Bulman
Learning geography through games of croquet
Patience and perseverance lead to good end results
Asking geographic questions
Planning next steps
Urban field trip to Pioneer Square
Observation at Pioneer Square
Discussing what participants observed at Pioneer Square
Discussing, investigating, and writing
Teaching Geography Using Primary Sources participants
Meeting location: Geography Department at Portland State University
Photo by: Rebecca Theobald

Educators from Geographic Alliances in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon gathered in Portland at the beginning of July 2014 with facilitators from the Library of Congress’ Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Western Region program.  This design workshop provided direction on developing workshops and state-based model lessons using primary sources to teach geography at any grade level.  The Library of Congress website has a treasure trove of primary sources, including maps, images, and text documents, that can enrich teaching in all areas of social studies, including geography.  This project has planned, implemented, and evaluated workshops that structure ways to guide teachers in making the best use of geographic analysis for primary resources in classrooms.  If you have questions about the details of the project, please contact any of the Coordinators from the Alliances listed above.

Selected Alliances are now working with their TPS Regions to plan workshops for the future using the geographic analysis tools, facilitator's guide, and workshop outline developed and tested by this collaboration.  Contact your Alliance to find out more about this program.


Arizona Geographic Alliance

Arizona State University

976 S. Forest Mall, Coor Building

Tempe, CO 85281



Colorado Geographic Alliance

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway

Colorado Springs, CO 80918



Geographic Alliance in Nevada

Western Nevada College

1111 North Saliman Road

Carson City, NV 89707



Center for Geography Education in Oregon

Portland State University

1721 Southwest Broadway

Portland, OR 97201


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