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Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge, New Jersey, USA.
Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge, New Jersey, USA.
Seaside Park New Jersey
Cape May, New Jersey
Belmar, New Jersey
Wayne, New Jersey
Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge, New Jersey, USA.

The New Jersey Geographic Education Alliance (NJGEA) was one of the first eight Alliances established in 1986. The vision of NJGEA is to empower a global citizenry by elevating the stature of geography in the school curriculum and developing teachers and students who strive for excellence in the lifelong learning experience.

Our organization strives to ensure that New Jersey citizens are global thinkers, problem solvers, and internationally competitive leaders by fostering communication, collaboration, educational outreach programs and research-based initiatives targeting geography content and skills. Empowered with geographic knowledge and skills, New Jersey citizens will be prepared to be global thinkers, problem solvers, and internationally competitive leaders by understanding relationships between the social, economic, political and physical components of an interconnected world.

Our Goals

  • To improve the quality and scope of geographic education throughout New Jersey.
  • To provide pre- and in-service geographic training, resources, and research-based initiatives.
  • To actively foster standard-based geographic learning and to assist school districts in developing K-12 geography curricula.
  • To infuse geography across disciplines.
  • To offer consultants for K-12 teachers to assist teaching geography across subject areas.
  • To provide statewide geography programs for New Jersey school children, with emphasis placed on underrepresented populations.
  • To develop and disseminate high-quality teaching materials.
  • To participate in educational reform at the district, state, and national levels.
  • To foster public awareness of the importance of geography in a global society, in general, and the state of New Jersey, specifically.

New Jersey Geographic Education Endowment contributors

  • Tucker Capital Corporation Princeton NJ
  • Gordon L. Gund Princeton, NJ

Katrinka Somdahl-Sands, Ph. D.

Rowan University

Department of Geography and Anthropology

201 Mullica Hill Road

Glassboro, NJ 08028-1702

856-256-4500 x3893

Fax 856-256-4670

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