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Flagstaff Lake, Maine
Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Portland, Maine

The Maine Geographic Alliance (MGA) was founded in 1992 at the University of Southern Maine in cooperation with the Maine Department of Education and is now housed at the University of Maine Farmington where it has been since 1996. The mission of the MGA is to foster the development of citizens who will seek and systematically apply the knowledge and skills of geography in real-life situations.

Teacher preparation has been a long term focus of MGA to improve the quality and to expand geography instruction across the preK-12 curriculum. As the need to find new ways to bring geography to the public arose, MGA broadened its sphere to include informal educators such as 4H, museums, and Newspapers in Education. We have also through the use of the Giant Traveling Maps and Family Geography Days taken geography directly to students and their families.

The mission of the Maine Geographic Alliance is to expand and improve geographic education from Pre-Kindergarten through University by assisting educators with high-quality geographic materials, lessons, and workshops for implementing Maine's learning results.


Dr. Cathleen M. McAnneny

University of Maine Farmington

Department of Geography

270 Main Street

Farmington, ME 04938


Fax 207-778-7418


Sue Lahti

University of Maine Farmington

Department of Geography; Roberts Learning Center

270 Main Street

Farmington, ME 04938-1720


Fax 207-778-7418

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