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Idaho Geographic Alliance (IGA)

Seeking to build geographic literacy among Idaho students

Shoshone Falls
Shoshone Falls
Bruneau Dunes
Sun Valley
Coeur d Alene Lake
Lewiston Inland Seaport
Craters of the Moon
Idaho capital city Boise
University of Idaho in Moscow
Shoshone Falls

The Idaho Geographic Alliance was re-launched at University of Idaho in 2010. It is focusing on core operations and strategic planning in the next year.

Geographic literacy is more than knowing state capitals and reading maps. Everyone needs to understand how people and places interact, why and how 'place' is important. Without a sense of geography, our young people will find themselves unprepared for their future, which will be inevitably linked to the rest of the world. Be a part of the campaign to make geography a key component in Idaho's classrooms.


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Karen Humes

University of Idaho

Dept. of Geography

Moscow, ID 83844-3021


Michelle Howard

Idaho Geographic Alliance

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