Network of Alliances for Geographic Education

The Network of Alliances for Geographic Education was challenged to use the NEW MapMaker Interactive from National Geographic Education and Children's Media to create 50 individualized tours of the states and Canada  Have fun learning about the amazing characteristics that make up the "landscapes and landmarks" of North America from "insiders" in those states.

Alabama - created by Tama Nunnelley

Alaska - created by 

Arizona - created by Rachel O'Grady and Caroline Chung-Wipff

Arkansas - created by Stephen O'Connell

California - created by Joan Bray, Stephanie Buttell-Maxin, and Emily Schell

Canada - created by Greg Neil

Colorado - created by Sarah Richings-Germain

Connecticut - created by Brian Perchal

Delaware - created by Anne Deinert

District of Columbia - created by Lacey Hankin

Florida - created by Sue Kay

Georgia - created by Laura Streib, Cindy Fetch, and Christy Visaggi

Hawaii - created by 

Idaho - created by Patrick Olson

Illinois - created by Will Akin and Mike Eggert

Indiana - created by 

Iowa - created by Mollie Ullestad

Kansas - created by Lisa Tabor

Kentucky - created by 

Louisiana - created by Brenda Barr

Maine - created by Margaret Shaw Chernosky, Andrew Chemosky, Sue Lussier, Sue Lahti, and Janice Cynewski

Maryland - created by Elena Takaki

Massachusetts - created by Susan Wright

Michigan - created by Carol Gersmehl

Minnesota - created by Lisa Sorenson and Karalynn Tyler

Mississippi - created by Sylvia Leggette, Laura Russell, and Joyce Youngblood

Missouri - created by Sarah Coppersmith

Montana - created by Kayde Kaiser

Nebraska - created by Paula Ashford

Nevada - created by 

New Hampshire - created by Claudia Novak

New Jersey - created by Christopher Ale

New Mexico - created by Randy Carr

New York - created by Tim McDonnell

North Carolina - created by Steve Pierce

North Dakota - created by Julia Koble and Joe Super

Ohio - created by Rebecca Theobald

Oklahoma - created by Denise Aguilar, Rebecca Harris, and Caroline McClure

Oregon - created by Jeremy Hirsch

Pennsylvania - created by Jan Smith

Rhode Island - created by Seth Dixon

South Carolina - created by Larianne Collins

South Dakota - created by 

Tennessee - created by Charlotte Ellington

Texas - created by Laura Engells

Utah - created by Jami Densley

Vermont - created by Scott Roper

Virginia - created by Donna Fontaine and Annie Evans

Washington - created by 

West Virginia - created by Linda Newcome

Wisconsin - created by Peter Michaud

Wyoming - created by Caroline McClure

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