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2011 Indianapolis International Festival - Giant Traveling Maps of North American and South America
2011 Indianapolis International Festival - Giant Traveling Maps of North American and South America
Educators in the field with a compass, topographic map, and GPS unit.
Pre-service educators participating in a literature activity during a GeoFest Workshop at Pokagon State Park.
northern Indiana
Bloomington, Indiana
Hoosier National Forest
Michigan City, Indiana
Educators geocaching and pace counting at lovely Clifty Falls State Park.
Educators digging in order to create a soil profile during a weekend workshop.
Indiana Geography educators love to be out-of-doors.
An eastward view of the Ohio River from Clifty Falls Inn.
A high school Spanish educator gets excited about finding her first geocache.
2011 Indianapolis International Festival - Giant Traveling Maps of North American and South America
Photo by: Kathy Kozenski

In 1983, a group of K-12 educators and post-secondary Geographers met to discuss the lack of Geographic literacy among Indiana's students. At that time, the members established the Geography Educators' Network of Indiana in order to address their concerns, and through several small grants and donations, GENI became a not-for-profit that hosted a newsletter, workshops, and conference sessions.

In 1989, GENI joined forces with the National Geographic Society's Geography Alliance Network, which furthered the capacity of the Alliance regarding resources, funds, and shared national programs and goals. Since its establishment, GENI has directly and indirectly worked with over 8,000 educators, which roughly equates to over one million students. Indiana has one of the country's best sets of Geography Academic Standards, vertically and horizontally, because GENI enables Geography education advocates from all walks of life to mobilize on behalf of a desire for more globally literate and competitive citizens and employees

Watch for the Indiana Geographic Alliances New Geography Book Blog

The Geography Educators' Network of Indiana will begin a Geography Book Blog, June of 2012.  Watch this site or visit the GENI website at for additional information.  One middle/secondary/adult geographic book will be highlighted every month (or so), and one elementary geographic book will be highlighted every month (or so).  The first two picks come from a lengthy list of suggestions from K-12 educators, post-secondary geographers and education methodologists, and geospatial technology specialists -- they are engaging, educational, and provide lots of material for classroom learning!


Join classroom educators, geographers, and geospatial technology specialists for a two-day workshop at beautiful Brown County State Park.  Professional development opportunities for in-service and pre-service educators will provide 11 Professional Development Points for re-licensure purposes.  The Friday evening and Saturday activities will rejuvenate your love for teaching, will introduce to new colleagues, and will engage your amazing mental capacities :) in content that you may have forgotten or may have never really understood.  Watch the GENI website at for announcements and registration information mid-summer.

Indiana Geographic Education Endowment contributors

  • Cummins, Inc. Columbus IN

Kathleen (Kathy) Lamb Kozenski

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

GENI/Geography, Cavanaugh Hall

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Indianapolis, IN 46202-5140


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