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Geographic Educators of Nebraska (GEON)

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Atkinson, Nebraska
Atkinson, Nebraska
Southeastern Nebraska
Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge, Valentine, Nebraska.
Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Atkinson, Nebraska

The Geographic Educators of Nebraska (GEON) became an official member of the Alliance network in 1990. The organization has a long and proud history and has served hundreds of teachers in the state through professional development activities emphasizing pedagogy and geography content. For example, GEON conducts regular summer institutes and weekend workshops for K-12 teachers at locations throughout the state. In addition, GEON has lobbied state and federal lawmakers as well as state education officials and district administrators on behalf of geography education.

The mission of GEON is to improve the quality of geographic education in the schools of Nebraska; to increase the awareness and appreciation of the geographic perspective among educators and the general public; to expand the channels of communication among teachers of geography within the state; and to facilitate the flow of information about geographic education from national organizations to Nebraska teachers of geography.

Nebraska Geographic Education Endowment contributors

  • Peter Kiewit Foundation Omaha NE

In conjunction with the University of Nebraska Panhandle Research and Extension Center and the...


Dr. Randy J. Bertolas

Wayne State College

1111 Main Street

Wayne, NE 68787


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