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White Rock Mountain, AR
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Arkansas River
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White Rock Mountain, AR

The Arkansas Geographic Alliance was established as a non-profit organization in 1990. From then until now, the Alliance has focused on professional development for teacher candidates and practicing teachers and improving geographic education and literacy in Arkansas. The Alliance is in the process of creating the capacity and the climate to reform geographic education in Arkansas so that graduating high school seniors are geographically literate and prepared to make important decisions in an interconnected world.

The Alliance administrative structure consists of a Coordinator and a Board. For the past 22 years, the Alliance has been the leader in Arkansas regarding geography education by providing professional development for teacher candidates and practicing teachers, participating in public awareness campaigns, and attempting to influence public policy in the context of geography education.

The Arkansas Geographic Alliance appreciates the strong support of the University of Central Arkansas, our host institution.

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Jeff Allender

Univeristy of Central Arkansas

Irby Hall, #301-B

Conway, AR 72035-5003



Karen Davis

Arkansas Geographic Alliance


Fax 501-513-6804

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