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The Alabama Geographic Alliance (AGA) was created in 1987 as part of a national Network of Geography Alliances, which operate as grassroots organizations dedicated to promoting geography education in the U.S. The Alabama Geographic Alliance's prime objective is to develop a population that understands the value of geography education and uses their knowledge of geography in their daily lives and decision making.

Among the many things done by the Alliance, AGA offers professional development opportunities for K-12 educators throughout the state and works with lawmakers and state educators to increase the geography content in the state curriculum. The purpose of the Alliance has been to promote and restore geography education in Alabama by training teachers in geography content and effective instructional and presentation methods, publishing information relating to geographic curricula improvement, building a base of support within government and with policy makers, industry and academia, and the promotion of other professional enrichment activities that enhance the teaching and status of geography.

* Alabama Geographic Education Endowment contributors

  • William Reese Strong Endowment for Geography Education
  • University of North Alabama
  • National Council for Geographic Education
  • Phillip C. Jackson      

In 2013, Bill Strong started the William R. Strong Endowment for Geographic Education at the...


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Dr. Lisa Keys-Mathews

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Tama Nunnelley

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Florence, AL 35632

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