Network of Alliances for Geographic Education
Speak Up for Geography!

The Network of Alliances for Geographic Education are involved in policy initiatives throughout the nation and at the federal level.  Join the Network in advocating for geo-literacy by becoming involved in one of the following initiatives.

Speak up for Geography!

Geography has long been recognized as a “core academic subject” in federal education legislation.  However, unlike all the other core academic subjects, including history, civics, economics, foreign languages and the arts, there is no dedicated federal funding stream to advance geography education.  As a result, our nation is facing a crisis in geographic literacy that is jeopardizing our global competitiveness, our position of diplomatic leadership, and our ability to fill and retain over 150,000 jobs in geospatial technology in the next decade.  

The Teaching Geography Is Fundamental Act (TGIF) is federal legislation which would authorize grants to universities and nonprofit organizations for programs to expand geographic literacy among American students and improve the teaching of geography at the K-12 level.  

TGIF authorizes $15 million per year for five years.

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Speak up for Geography! Campus Challenge

The goal of the Campus Challenge is to engage with university students to spread the message about the importance of geography in K-12 schools. We want to build broad public support for the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act (TGIF) and to raise awareness about the status of geography in federal education legislation. University students and student organizations can join the Campus Challenge at, which lists many activities that students can do to participate. You can also:

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2. Follow us on twitter (@speakupforgeo).

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