Network of Alliances for Geographic Education
Our Mission

The Mission of the National Geographic Network of Alliances for Geographic Education is help build a geographically literate society by leading systemic reform and supporting the continuous improvement of geographic education.

Our core values include a profound respect for educators and support this honorable profession.  In addition, we believe that geographic literacy is a necessity and right of all citizens.

Our goals are focused in five areas.

1.  Educators-The United States will have an adequate supply of educators for all settings and levels that are well prepared to teach geographic concepts, knowledge and skills.

2. Institutions-Formal and informal educational organizations will have the resources and institutional commitment to provide geogrpahic learning opportunities of sufficient quantity and effectiveness to enable all young people to become geographically literate.

3.Resources- Formal and informational educational organizations will have high quality materials for diverse audiences and setting available to support geographic teaching and learning.

4. Community-The public will understand the importance of geographic literacy, seeking out and opting into opportunities to learn geographic concepts, knowledge and skills and influence policies that establish geographic literacy as an expected outcome of an education.

5. Systems for continuous improvement- The Network of Alliances for Geographic Education will operate as an effective and sustainable system for coninuous improvement for geographic education nationwide.

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